The Opposite of Worry


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“The most helpful book on childhood anxiety I have ever read.”- Michael Thompson, Ph.D. Whether it’s the monster in the closet or the fear that arises from new social situations, school, or sports, anxiety can be especially challenging and maddening for children. And since anxiety has a mind of its own, logic and reassurance often fail, leaving parents increasingly frustrated about how to help. Now Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., the author of “Playful Parenting, ” provides a special set of tools to handle childhood anxiety. Offering simple, effective strategies that build connection through fun, play, and empathy, Dr. Cohen helps parents – start from a place of warmth, compassion, and understanding – teach children the basics of the body’s “security system” alert, alarm, assessment, and all clear. – promote tolerance of uncertainty and discomfort by finding the balance between outright avoidance and “white-knuckling” through a fear – find light-hearted ways to release tension in the moment, labelling stressful emotions on a child-friendly scale – tackle their own anxieties so they can stay calm when a child is distressed – bring children out of their anxious thoughts and into their bodies by using relaxation, breathing, writing, drawing, and playful roughhousing With this insightful resource of easy-to-implement solutions and strategies, you and your child can experience the “opposite” of worry, anxiety, and fear and embrace connection, trust, and joy.

Praise for “The Opposite of Worry”

“”The Opposite of Worry ” is an informative resource for parents and other family members. The book is easy to read, comprehensive and notable for its many practical suggestions. – New England Psychologist

“Good advice for parents making daily calls to the pediatrician . . . Anxiety is a full-body sport, and Cohen’s main advice is not to treat it with words but with actions. . . . Physicality is about living in the present, and for anxious people, the present is a powerful place of healing. Intended for parents of children ages 3 to 15, this book offers anecdotes and fun anti-anxiety games.” – Publishers Weekly

“Here’s the help parents of anxious children have been looking for! Dr. Cohen’s genius is in the warm and generous spirit of the strategies he outlines for parents. He grounds his playful approach in a sound explanation of how anxiety affects children, and how they heal. Parents will come away with plenty of ideas to help them develop their children’s confidence. While reading, I found myself thinking, ‘I’d like to try that for myself!” – Patty Wipfler, founder and program director, Hand in Hand Parenting

“If you want to understand your child’s anxiety–and your own parental worries–you must read Larry Cohen’s brilliant book, “The Opposite of Worry.” Dr. Cohen is one of the most imaginative and thoughtful psychologists you will ever encounter. He explains how and why children become anxious and then shows how we can use empathy and play to help them escape from the terrifying dark corners of childhood.” – Michael Thompson, Ph.D.

“”The Opposite of Worry” offers a treasure trove of ideas to help children feel confident and secure. Lawrence Cohen has written a book that will help every parent of an anxious child.” – Aletha Solter, Ph.D., founder, Aware Parenting, and author of “Attachment Play

Author Bio:

Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist specializing in children’s play, play therapy, and parenting. He is the author of “Playful Parenting “and co-author, with Michael Thompson, Ph.D., and Catherine O’Neill Grace, of “Best Friends, Worst Enemies” and “Mom, They’re Teasing Me.” Dr. Cohen leads Playful Parenting workshops for parents, teachers, and child-care professionals. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife, Liz. They have two grown children.