The Nature of Strengths


Inspiring personal strengths through the power of nature

The natural world has inspired and sustained humans since prehistoric times. So, it’s no surprise that nature is an excellent launching pad for reflecting on ourselves and our strengths.

The Nature of Strengths uses the natural world to help people identify strengths in themselves and in others.

The beautifully illustrated set of 28 cards displays exquisite original watercolour paintings in the style of an 18th century naturalist’s notebook. Each card describes a plant, animal or insect characteristic and invites users to apply that strength to their own life.

People of all ages can use this resource to explore their strengths and gifts through various activities. In addition, a 60 page booklet is provided to offer guidance and fun ways to use the cards.

The Nature of Strengths can be used flexibly and creatively, in individual or group situations, making it the perfect resource for inspiring self-reflection.

The Nature of Strengths is about discovering these qualities and imagining how we can apply them in our lives. Use the cards with children and adults to explore strengths and stories, metaphors and ideas to enhance learning, self-awareness and appreciate nature’s infinite variety.
Stereotypes, myths and legends
Sometimes the strengths of plants and animals depicted on these cards may surprise you. A hyena, for example, is considered an unattractive or even evil creature in some cultures, but in the Nature of Strengths we discover that hyenas have big hearts!
Facilitators and educators can use the cards for conversations that gently open us to the assumptions and stereotypes we form, often
based on age, gender, race, socio-economic background or profession.

  • Which cards do you think have a surprising match between the image and the strength identified? What makes the match surprising? re there particular ideas or assumptions you had already formed about a particular creature or plant?
  • Looking at yourself, are there strengths you don’t identify with? Can you think of a time when you have actually demonstrated this strength? What if you were to become known for this strength? What would you be doing more of?
  • Pick a creature or plant you don’t immediately warm to. Research this creature or plant and see if you can use this information to identify one of their strengths. Create a phrase that describes this strength.

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