The Empowerment Wheel


Helping Clients Heal from Relationship Abuse

Intimate partner violence leaves long-term effects. Survivors often struggle with issues of safety, self-esteem, and trusting their own ability to make healthy decisions and enter future relationships. This revolutionary treatment method uses art therapy to guide individuals through a journey of self-exploration, helping them to re-discover their confidence and grow beyond their experiences. Each sector of the Empowerment Wheel is supported by a creative project designed to help individuals examine their experience of red flags, boundaries, locus of control, relationship authenticity, self-talk, and integrated self. With this method, clients will learn to recognise the echoes of relationship abuse and begin to rebuild their self-esteem and individual sense of empowerment. Grounded in the authors’ extensive experience in the field of trauma and recovery, the Empowerment Wheel provides a measured, client-directed way to guide survivors of intimate partner violence through the healing process to build a healthy, empowered future.

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  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures
  • Introduction
  • Part One – Current Paradigm Understanding Relationship Abuse
  • 2. Understanding Treatment Protocols
  • 3. Understanding Empowerment
  • 4. Understanding Art Therapy
  • Part Two – A New Direction
  • The Empowerment Wheel
  • Red Flags Boundaries Locus of Control Relationship Authenticity Self-Talk Integrated Self
  • Part Three – Additional Considerations
  • Implications for Clinical Use
  • Appendix: Definitions

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