The Bully, The Bullied and Beyond


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This book will provide you with a comprehensive set of lessons that will help eliminate bullying in your school. It includes more than 300 pages of insights and skill-building activities for children who are bullies bully victims and bystanders.

This book includes:

� School-wide and classroom strategies

� 19 Lessons for bystanders

� 15 Lessons for bullies (Learning a Better Way)

� 26 Lessons for the bullied

� Skills for Students with Special Needs

� Research Summaries on Bullying and Student Violence

� Electronic Bullying

� Dealing with Sexual Harassment

� Zero Tolerance-Does It Work?

� School Bullying Survey

� Anti-Bullying Policy

� School Response to Threats

� Strategies for Teachers

� Approaches to Share with Parents

Use this resource to help your school develop a bully-free environment in your school for all children.


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Author: Esther Williams, M.ED, LPC