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The ‘Tell Me a Story’ cards are a useful tool for parents and professionals working with young people to facilitate communication, highlight strengths, reinforce a sense of pride, give praise and boost self-esteem.

 Developed in the clinical setting for over 10 years by an Australian psychology service, these cards have been gracefully illustrated to engage children and adults (aged 6 years and above).

The story topics have been carefully chosen to appeal to young storytellers, with the capacity to engage listeners of all ages, we all have stories to tell and share experiences. These cards have been tried and tested with individuals and small groups, throughout a number of different contexts.

The Tell Me a Story Cards invite storytellers and listeners to exchange meaningful moments:

  • The Most You Ever Talked
  • The Most Adventurous You Ever Felt
  • Your Luckiest Day
  • The Most Scared You Ever Felt
  • The Angriest You Ever Felt
  • The Coolest You Ever Felt

The kit contains 30 Tell Me a Story Cards and an Information Booklet.

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