Taking Control of Anxiety Small Steps for Getting the Best of Worry, Stress, and Fear


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Anxiety, in different forms, affects almost everyone at one time or another. For spurring you to make decisions or perform, it can actually be helpful. But when anxiety gets out of hand, whether it’s from everyday stress or a severe chronic condition such as panic, posttraumatic stress, or overwhelming worry, you need to learn how to manage. This straightforward guide, filled with compelling case examples and easy to use techniques, will teach you to identify, reduce, eliminate, and prevent the negative effects of anxiety. Drawing on the field’s most well established and studied methods for reducing anxiety, Dr. Moore compiles them here in one source. Free from scientific jargon, this concise how-to book can be a ready reference on your desk or nightstand or in your backpack or briefcase. You will learn how to tweak your daily schedule, your thinking patterns, and your reactions to the things you fear, for maximum gains in your life. While the book emphasizes self-help techniques, it also de-mystifies anxiety medications and offers guidance for finding professional help, should you need it. Overcoming anxiety doesn’t have to be complicated. Following the step-by-step checklists and detailed plans in this book will get you on your way.


  • Acknowledgments
  • Anxiety: An Introduction
  • I Can’t Control the Way My Brain Works, Can I?
  • How Can I Train My Mind Not to Worry?
  • What Is Mindfulness?
  • Routines and Habits Aren’t That Important, Are They?
  • I Feel Anxious About Exercising…So How Can That Help?
  • I Don’t Have Time to Relax!
  • What Does It Mean to Manage My Environment?
  • Can’t I Just Stay Away From the Things I Fear?
  • How Can I Take Control of Panic Before It Takes Control of Me?
  • What If I Need Professional Help?
  • Try These! A Year’s Worth of Quotations and Tips for Relieving Anxiety
  • Index
  • About the Author

Author Bio:

Bret A. Moore, PsyD, is licensed as a prescribing psychologist by the New Mexico Board of Psychologist Examiners and is board certified in clinical psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. Over the past 15 years he has treated thousands of patients suffering from anxiety with both psychotherapy and medication and is the author and editor of 13 books on the subject. His views on clinical psychology have been quoted in USA Today, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe, and on CNN and Fox News. He has appeared on NPR, the BBC, and CBC.


A breath of fresh air, wonderfully conceived and likely to benefit many individuals who are concerned about worry, stress and fear in their lives…It is unquestionably one of the best self-help resources I have come across – comprehensive, fully informed by the best contemporary research and action-oriented on every page. Psychologists and other mental health practitioners should surely suggest the book to clients pursuing anxiety treatment. As well, the book is a terrific reference for professionals in building an integrated psychotherapeutic practice devoted to anxiety disorders. – New England Psychologist