Special Boys’ Business


Special Boys’ Business is a puberty resource written for boys with special needs, including:

  • Intellectual disability
  • Physical disability
  • Communication disorder
  • Autism

Special Boys’ Business takes a boy, his parents and carers through the changes experienced at puberty. Information is presented in simple text with clear colourful pictures. It is an appealing disability puberty book with fun, entertaining illustrations.
This sex education book helps boys with special needs and the important adults in their lives to manage this stage of life with confidence.
This puberty book provides practical hints for parents, teachers and carers.

There are three disability puberty books in the series:

  • Special Boys’ Business
  • Special Girls’ Business – a purpose written puberty book for girls with special needs.
  • Puberty and Special Girls – contains additional information to Special Girls’ Business, including emotional changes. It provides sexuality education about relationships.

Special Girls’ Business and Puberty and Special Girls are useful puberty resources for boys and young men, helping them to understand the changes that girls experience at puberty.

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