Sing-Along Guidance


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Kids love music and commonly identify a style of music as part of who they are. This program is a fabulous way to provide unforgettable guidance lessons with catchy cool songs that will stay in their heads for many years to come!

This booklet and CD provides teachers school counsellors social workers teachers and other professional youth workers with twelve contemporary songs written specifically to appeal to today’s kids in grades 3-8. These songs were written and performed by professional recording artists on guidance topics such as peer relations motivation goal setting safety careers and other topics relevant to today’s youth. This all-original music was written and performed with a diverse range of musical tastes and styles including rock rap R&B country pop ska and Latin! Each song’s unique musical style will help young people to identify individually and personally the presented topic.

For each of the 12 songs the accompanying booklet will provide you with:

  • A Lesson Plan
  • The Targeted ASCA Standard(s) Addressed (American School Counsellor Association)
  • Recommended Opening and Follow-Up Discussion Questions
  • Reproducible Lyrics
  • Additional Hints and Suggestions
  • A Reproducible Activity Sheet

All twelve lessons and their corresponding songs correspond directly with Standards of the American School Counsellor Association.

The songs in this program were written recorded performed and produced by two individuals both having extensive backgrounds in the music industry. Together they have combined their talents to produce a set of songs and guidance lessons sure to ‘spice up’ any educator’s library of materials!

(Paperback and Audio CD)

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Author: David S. Young, ED.S & Richard Schwintek