Simple Guide to Child Trauma: What It Is and How to Help


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What is trauma?

How does it affect children?

How can adults help?

Providing straightforward answers to these complex questions, The Simple Guide to Child Trauma is the perfect starting point for any adult caring for or working with a child who has experienced trauma. It will help them to understand more about a child’s emotional and behavioural responses following trauma and provides welcome strategies to aid recovery. Reassuring advice will also rejuvenate adults’ abilities to face the challenges of supporting children.


  • 1: Understanding trauma.
  • 2: The impact of trauma.
  • 3: Helping a child become calm.
  • 4: Frustrating behaviour from traumatised children.
  • 5: Key approaches to help children recover.
  • 6: Important things to consider when offering support.
  • 7: Getting your head around different therapies.

Author Bio:

Betsy de Thierry is a mum of four brilliant boys, a practising psychotherapist and a qualified primary school teacher who has founded several charities that work directly with troubled families. She is CEO of BdT Ltd trauma training, consultancy and leadership, which supports professionals who work with traumatised children across the UK. Betsy is the Founding Director of the Trauma Recovery Centre and Director of the Institute of Recovery of Childhood Trauma

Emma Reeves is an Art Psychotherapist based at the Trauma Recovery Centre in Bath. She currently works with clients aged 5-25 years who have experienced trauma. She has an MA in Fine Art and an MSc in Art Psychotherapy.


‘In this accessible, enlightening little book, Betsy de Thierry recognises both the need to advocate for young people who have experienced trauma and to resource the adults in homes and schools who care for them. Emphasising the need for compassionate, relational responses to these often misunderstood young people, Betsy offers an array of practical strategies and insights to enable those responses, whilst conveying her core subject with confidence and clarity. An important, generous and timely publication.’ – Louise Michelle Bomber, Strategic Attachment Lead Teacher & Therapist