Safe and Peaceful Schools: Addressing Conflict and Eliminating Violence


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In today’s culture where bullying and violence are on the rise, we know that children who are afraid or anxious are in no state of mind to learn. If you are serious about creating a safe school climate conducive to learning, this book will show you how. Written by counseling experts, Safe and Peaceful Schools provides a variety of research-based techniques to help students, school counsellors, psychologists, administrators, and other educators develop conflict resolution skills that reduce the need for disciplinary action. Each chapter addresses a mode of practice for constructing peaceful interactions, including:

  • Peer mediation
  • Narrative counseling
  • Circle conversations
  • Undercover anti-bullying teams
  • “Facing up to violence” groups
  • Restorative conferences

Included are vignettes, dialogues, sample activities, agendas, and charts. Conflict is inevitable. Teaching students how to deal with it constructively will help them learn the tools they need to succeed at school and in life.


  • Preface
  • Background to Writing the Book
  • Acknowledgements
  • What to Expect in each Chapter
  • 1. Understanding conflict in schools
  • 2. A narrative perspective
  • 3. Counseling
  • 4. Mediation
  • 5. Peer mediation
  • 6. Restorative conferencing
  • 7. Restorative practices
  • 8. Circle conversations
  • 9. Undercover anti-bullying teams
  • 10. Guidance lessons
  • 11. “Facing up to violence” groups
  • 12. Putting it all together

Author Bio:

John Winslade – California State University, San Bernardino

Michael Williams
– Edgewater College, Auckland, NZ