Queer Chameleon and Friends


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A vibrant and uplifting collection of comic illustrations about LGBTQIA+ life, for the community and beyond, from the creator of the online sensation @queeeerchameleon that’s loved by millions.

Queer Chameleon and Friends reminds us that all experiences are valid, empowers us to accept and express our identities and those of others, and reassures us that even in challenging moments along the way, there’s light and humour to be found.

In this colourful, insightful and funny book, writer and illustrator Amee Wilson explores aspects of existing in a world not always designed for you – from silly questions and awkward-but-sometimes-accurate clichés, to the trials and tribulations of coming out (or choosing not to).

A collection of beautifully illustrated conversations between the beloved character Queer Chameleon and their friends from across the community, it’s a joyous celebration of life outside the boxes modern society has created.


  • Introduction
  • What the flag?!
  • Coming out
  • Please stop
  • Funny …but true?
  • Beyond the binary
  • Listen up
  • Resources and thanks

Author Bio

Amee Wilson is a British-Australian illustrator and writer with a love of creativity for good. Born in the UK, she has recently returned after six years working in Australia and currently lives in London with her partner. By day, Amee works as an Art Director in advertising with a passion for ideas that tackle inequality. By night, she illustrates and animates the Queer Chameleon and Anxious Animals series. Queer Chameleon and Friends is her first publication.


Funny and relatable illustrations that now have the internet’s heart [. . .] brilliantly represent the LGBTQIA+ community – UPWORTHY

Funny illustrations that might make you feel stronger in drawing your own lines – BORED PANDA

  • Hard cover (Picture book)
  • Full Colour
  • 136 Page