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Picture This Cards are a tool that can help to create respectful ways of working with people. An image, especially a photograph, can have a unique ability to help develop relationships with people and stimulate the imagination, memory and emotions.

The 75 original, evocative photographs that make up Picture This offer opportunities for people of all ages to reflect on their experiences and communicate with others. Some of these full-colour images are poignant, some are heart-warming and others are tinged with humour. This highly interpretive tool can open up conversations, storytelling and creative writing about feelings, goals, and points of view.

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A 48 page booklet is included in the pack provided a wealth of ideas of ways these cards can complement respectful work with people. Some of the suggestions include:

  • Is there a photo that says something about you as a person?
  • If you were actually in this photo what would you be doing?
  • Is there a photo that represents how you feel about your situation right now?
  • If you could, what would you like to change in the photo?
  • Are there any two photos that describe contrasting parts of who you are? 

This resource is also great for facilitation of presentations, workshops and group work.

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