Parents’ Guide to Child Protection Education


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This Parents’ Guide to Child Protection Education provides an informative, easy to follow, holistic approach to teaching child abuse prevention education and includes activities to help children understand these essential concepts.

The author, Holly-ann Martin, has over 30 years experience in teaching child abuse prevention education.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why children need to have a better understanding of feelings
  • What a safety continuum is and why children need to know
  • The importance of children knowing what their Early Warning Signs are and how they can recognise them to help keep them safe
  • What a Safety Team is, and how you can help your child set up their Safety Team
  • Why our children need to be persistent when seeking help
  • Why it is important to use the correct anatomical names for our private body parts
  • The impact on children being exposed to pornography
  • What to do if a child discloses to you that they have been sexually abused
  • Teaching your children the language and principles of Protective Education as young as possible can help protect them from potential harm as well as provide them with invaluable life skills.

Please note: The information in our Parents’ Guide to Child Protection Education is nearly identical to the information in our Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to Child Protection Education. The only difference is in some of the artwork and also some of the terminology used to explain the concepts of child abuse prevention education.

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