My Mummy’s Brain is Sick


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Elijah’s mummy has a sick brain. She suffers from mental illness, which makes her feel very sad and scared sometimes even when she doesn’t need to be. Mummy cries some days; other days, she says her brain is very loud. There are times when Elijah’s mummy sleeps too much, which annoys him since he wants her to come out and play.

Elijah knows, though, that Mummy’s brain is sick, so he tries to understand the medication and hospital visits—although he gets scared that she’ll have to stay in the hospital forever. Mummy encourages Elijah to talk about his feelings because feelings, whether good or bad, are important, healthy to express, and not as scary as they seem.

Parenting can be a challenge in everyday life, but what if a parent has mental illness? How do we talk to our children about it and what it means for them in their lives? My Mummy’s Brain Is Sick provides a safe way to start the discussion with your child in an age-appropriate way, making it less daunting while engaging both parents and kids alike.

Author Bio:

Rhiannon Baker is a wife and mother in South East Queensland, Australia. She is a qualified social worker and has worked extensively in the child protection field. Having experienced mental illness since the age of eleven, Rhiannon continues to work toward wellness and enjoys spending time with her family, doing various craft activities, and laughing, mostly at herself.


Elijah’s mummy has a mental illness that he struggles to understand. He learns to talk about his feelings, knowing that no matter Mummy’s sickness, she still loves him very much.

  • Softcover (Picture book)
  • Age range 6 +
  • Full Colour
  • 26 Page