Move that Mountain


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A whale has become stranded on the beach. Very tiny puffins are far too small to help and are unsuccessful in moving the whale out to sea. Although, once you think you’ve finished the book at a not so happy ending, read it again in reverse and find out what team work can accomplish.

Move that Mountain celebrates the power of team work and putting in our best efforts. This clever book can be read in two different ways portraying that there can be two sides to every story. This helps children to understand there can be two (or even more) points of view than their own.

Author Bio:

Kate and Jol Temple write books for kids, some books may rhyme while others do not. The couple have written over 20 books for kids and became writers due to their love of reading and imagination. The couple love to visit schools and read their picture books to little kids. You can tell they both have a passion for sharing their love of reading out to the younger generation.

  • Hard cover (Picture book)
  • Age range 5+
  • Full Colour
  • 32 Page