Moody Cow Learns Compassion


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This delightful sequel to Moody Cow Meditates reintroduces Peter (aka Moody Cow) and meet his mischievous boys-will-be-boys friend Bully. Along the way we meet a snake named Jaws who also goes on to appear in Peter s terrifying dreams and watch as Bully revels in the deaths of the crickets he feeds the snake. Peter is uncomfortable with the plight of the little creatures, earning him a new nickname: Coward Cow because Bully thinks he’s a wimp. Once again, Grandfather the beloved old steer from Moody Cow Meditates brings serenity and long-horned wisdom as he gently teaches to identify compassionately with other beings. And the story ends with everyone sharing a laugh and even Jaws and the crickets are happy.

This book also includes two activities for parents and children to do together:

Compassionate cricket release

Compassionate worm rescue