Mindfulness For Life


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Mindfulness is a form of mental training that has been widely practised for millennia; however it’s only recently that science and clinical practice have discovered the profound potential of mindfulness-based practices for increasing our wellbeing.

Our tendency to not be fully present in life has vast implications. Being unmindful means wasting our lifetime, missing important information, increasing our risk of physical and social accidents and communicating more superficially with other people. Importantly, it makes us unhappier than we realise and vulnerable to stress and poor mental health. By focusing on what is rather than be distracted by what isn’t mindfulness can make us much calmer, happier and healthier beings.

Mindfulness for Life is the only book you will ever need on mindfulness. It shows you how to apply mindfulness techniques to your own life whether you need help with medical conditions, personal development or spiritual development. Chapters are included on: stress and ageing, anxiety, depression, addiction, attention deficit orders, pain, weight management, eating disorders, heart disease and stroke, cancer, dementia and sleep; lifestyle, education, workplace, parenting and sporting enhancement; and self-actualisation, happiness and enlightenment development.

Dr Craig Hassed is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of General Practice and coordinator of mindfulness programs at Monash University.  His teaching, research and clinical interests include mindfulness-based stress management, mind-body medicine, meditation, health promotion, integrative medicine and medical ethics.  Craig is regularly invited to speak and run courses in Australia and overseas in health, professional and educational contexts. He was the founding president of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association and is a regular media commentator. He writes regularly for medical journals and has published nine books;

Know Thyself on mindfulness-based stress management

The Essence of Health on the lifestyle approach to health and chronic illness

Mindfulness for Life 

CD: Mindfulness for Life

Mindful Learning on the role of mindfulness in education.

Craig’s next book on epigenetics, “Playing the genetic hand life dealt you”, is due for release in early 2015.

Craig also featured in the documentary, The Connection, and wrote the companion e-book, The Mindfulness Manual.