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What are Social and Community Participation services?

Social and Community participation services are about supporting people with a disability to take part in their community and to do things they enjoy. You might enjoy volunteering, learning about fossils, developing your talents as an artist or musician, learning to use public transport to get to places, seeing a band or hosting a BBQ.

Social and Community Participation at Kyabra

Our Support Worker Services Team will match you with a Support Worker who can assist you to link into activities of your choice. The team will develop a tailored Action Plan to keep you on track with your goals.

Does Kyabra offer group programs?

Contact us to find out how our committed and passionate Support Workers can provide you with practical support to improve your daily living skills and social and community participation.
Your Kyabra Support Worker can provide you one-to-one support with:

Daily Living Skills

What are Daily Living Skills?

Daily Living Skills are the skills we use in everyday life. Skills like cooking, cleaning, using money, catching public transport, the list goes on! Supports with Daily Living Skills can help people with a disability learn to do these tasks on their own, as well as lend a hand when needed.

Daily Living Skills services at Kyabra

At Kyabra no matter what support you need or what you want to learn, our Kyabra Team can help you out. We will develop a tailored action plan to assist you with your goals.

What tasks can Kyabra help me with?

No matter what you need, we can support you with lots of different tasks, such as:

  • Daily routines
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Personal care
  • Shopping
  • Money and budgeting
  • Taking medication
  • Tips to make friends
  • Catching public transport
  • Working with Government services.

Can Kyabra staff come to my home?

Our Support Workers can come to your home for short periods of time to help you out with tasks such as morning and evening routines and much more. Our team can provide anywhere from several hours per week to several hours per day dependent on your plan and funding. We may need to do a Workplace Health and Safety check prior to coming in to your home. This will be done at the commencement of support or if you move.

Can Kyabra help me learn how to do these tasks on my own?

A large part of our service is helping you learn to do some, or even all, of these tasks on your own.Over time, this may mean you need less support from us or other service providers.

Can Kyabra help me travel on my own?

Yes, we can. If one of your goals is to travel on your own, we can help make this happen.This might be catching public transport, understanding road safety, or getting your driver’s licence.

Short term accommodation (respite)

Although Kyabra doesn’t operate centre-based respite, we can arrange an individual holiday for the participant.

What is Short Term Accommodation and Assistance?

Under the NDIS, Short Term Accommodation and Assistance (STAA) replaces what used to be called respite for people with a disability. Short Term Accommodation and Assistance can be both:

  • A short stay in a holiday home or apartment
  • Additional support in your own home.

What activities will I get to do?

Our Short Term Accommodation services can give you the chance to try new activities. This can be seeing the latest movie, going out for a meal, going to the beach, checking out a local attraction, or playing your favourite sport. Chat to us about the different local options.

What support will Kyabra provide me?

If you prefer not to go on holidays, we may be also provide support in your own home.

How long can I go away with a Support Worker?

You can have a holiday for an overnight or weekend. Kyabra offers holidays on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane City. This is funded under Short Term Accommodation (respite) in your plan and the funding comes from your CORE supports.

We can usually arrange your regular worker to attend the holiday with you or another worker who is a good match for you. We usually only arrange short holidays for one or two nights and we require as much notice as possible but we prefer 4 – 6 weeks. We only offer this support to current participants so we can ensure a quality service. You will need to ensure you have NDIS funding in your plan to cover this support.

Capacity Building Support

From time to time a participant may choose to use their Capacity Building Funding to access a Support Worker.

It is really important that you first check you do not need these funds for other therapy types of support such as OT or Physio. You may choose to use this when you have exhausted your CORE supports and are waiting for an NDIS review or if you have not been allocated CORE. The funds may come from your plan under the following categories:

  • Improved Daily Living
  • Increased Social and Community Participation
  • Improved Relationships

How is Capacity Building different from CORE supports?

Our focus at Kyabra is always about supporting people to develop skills and work towards achieving goals, so this means there is not a huge difference in these types of supports. It is just a different way of funding supports. Unfortunately, Capacity Building Support cannot be provided on the weekend or Public Holidays.


Support Worker Services
Community Support
Supporting a participant to engage in community, social and/or recreational activities. Support delivered by a TTP provider.

Mon-Fri (6am-8pm)


For each hour provided by a Kyabra Support Worker.
NDIS Price Code: 04_104_0125_6_1_T



For each Hour (Saturday).
NDIS Price Code: 04_105_0125_6_1_T

Public Holiday


For each hour (Public Holiday).
NDIS Price Code: 04_102_0125_6_1_T

Mon-Fri (8pm-12am)


For each hour provided by a Kyabra Support Worker.
NDIS Price Code: 04_103_0125_6_1_T



For each Hour (Sunday).
NDIS Price Code: 04_106_0125_6_1_T


Kyabra workers have developed strong and ongoing positive relationships with our son. I can honestly say that Kyabra staff have been a life line for us over the years. Our family is stronger because of them.
We are now on our second year and have found our Support Coordinator invaluable. Finding services and therapies, making enquiries, decoding the language of NDIS. If you need a grassroots organisation that can hold your hand and walk you through the process than Kyabra cannot be more highly recommended.
Our daughter has had an association with Kyabra for a number of years, so when her first NDIS plan was approved, we had no hesitation in enlisting Kyabra’s services to help Jess work towards her goals. Kyabra has been reliable and trustworthy, providing us with support coordination and high quality support workers. Kyabra is an organisation with a real heart.

Become a Support Worker at Kyabra

Interested in becoming a Support Worker at Kyabra?
Kyabra is always interested to hear from motivated, thoughtful and compassionate people who would like to join our support worker services team.

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