Mindfulness for Carers: How to Manage the Demands of Caregiving While Finding a Place for Yourself


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Carers are particularly vulnerable to feeling stressed, worried and worn down by the vast demands that often come with caregiving, be they physical, psychological or emotional. Mindfulness can be enormously beneficial to carers, whether professional or voluntary, as a means of developing greater inner stability, resilience and gaining more control over their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach that is proven to help protect against stress, anxiety, depression and burnout.

Dr Cheryl Rezek provides an accessible introduction to mindfulness, and explains how simple mindfulness practices and psychological concepts can be used to manage the day-to-day demands of caring effectively, helping caregivers to gain a greater sense of control and maintain a more positive and balanced outlook. The book includes easy-to-use and enjoyable mindfulness exercises, short enough to fit into a busy day, as well as accompanying audio tracks to support and guide the reader through these exercises.

An essential read for all those involved in caring for people with acute or long-term health and mental health conditions, disabilities and other support needs, including relatives and other informal carers as well as professional medical, health and social care staff.


  • Introduction.
  • Section 1: Mindfulness – what is it and how can it be of use to me?
  • 1. The hustle and bustle of life.
  • 2. What is mindfulness?
  • 3. Proof that mindfulness helps.
  • 4. No quick fix or magic wand.
  • Section 2: Carer pains and strains.
  • 5. Carers: the forgotten ones.
  • 6. Common carer problems.
  • 7. The stress response.
  • 8. Seeing yourself as a whole.
  • Section 3: How can I break the chain?
  • 9. Living in the present.
  • 10. A reactive mind – stop and choose.
  • 11. Management of distress.
  • 12. Self-care.
  • Section 4: Staying committed brings long-term gains.
  • 13. Setting boundaries.
  • 14. Resistance.
  • 15. The benefits.
  • About the author.
  • References.

Author Bio:

Dr Cheryl Rezek is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with an established academic and clinical career who has worked across various fields of mental health for many years. Her aim is to make psychological concepts and mindfulness easily accessible to a public audience. She lives in the UK and works internationally.