Measuring Angels


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A gentle story about bullying and friendship: the little girl at school is miserable, Sophie was her friend but they didn’t play together anymore, Sophie whispered horrid things about her to the other children and even worse, Sophie is her partner for a new science project. When two little girls are given a sunflower seed, they argue and the little plant grows very badly. “That sunflower is not happy,” says the teacher. So the children decide to make an angel to help the plant grow. A friendship develops between the two girls and, as they learn to like each other, the little plant grows bigger and bigger…

5 – 8 years old

Author Bio:

Lesley Ely is an experienced head teacher who has taught autistic children in mainstream schools and lives in Northamptonshire.

Polly Dunbar is the daughter of children’s author Joyce Dunbar, Polly first started illustrating when she was 16 and has a degree in Illustration at the University of Brighton.