Max’s Divorce Earthquake


When Max’s parents tell him they are divorcing it feels like an earthquake. There are so many changes to deal with and a lot of big feelings. Follow Max as he begins to move and live between his two homes, learns about his emotions and adjusts to life after the ‘divorce earthquake’.

This beautifully illustrated children’s picture book is aimed at 4 to 7 year olds whose parents are (or have) separated.

Max’s Divorce Earthquake will help children and their parents to be aware of the various emotions that children might feel when their parents separate. It will also assist children to build their emotional vocabulary, to talk about and explore their experiences of their parent’s divorce, as well as reassure them that whatever it is they are feeling is completely normal.

This book is an invaluable resource for friends, family members, therapeutic professionals, Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, who want to support young children cope with the feelings generated by family break-down.

Author Bio:

Rachel Brace is a registered psychologist and co-creator and founder of, an educational and support web-based resource for stepparents and their partners. She has worked extensively with children and families over many years across a variety of settings in New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia. Rachel currently consults privately from The Relationspace in Sydney’s CBD to parents and families on issues relating to separation and divorce, family conflict, post separation parenting, co-parenting and stepfamily living. Rachel has a passion for supporting children and young people in challenging family circumstances to understand, and cope with, complex emotions and to thrive. Her belief that books can be a tremendous help in explaining significant life events such as divorce and separation to children and in teaching emotional skills, is what inspired her to write Max’s Divorce Earthquake.