Maps of Narrative Practice


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Michael White, one of the founders of narrative therapy, is back with his first major publication since the seminal Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends, which Norton published in 1990.

Maps of Narrative Practice provides brand new practical and accessible accounts of the major areas of narrative practice that White has developed and taught over the years, so that readers may feel confident when utilizing this approach in their practices. The book covers each of the five main areas of narrative practice

  • externalising,
  • re-authoring,
  • re-membering,
  • definitional ceremonies,
  • scaffolding conversations
  • and ways of highlighting unique outcomes.

This easy-to-read and yet rigorous book contains moving transcripts of conversations and detailed explanations of practice. This book pulls together and summarises the key therapeutic ideas and practices that have come to be known as narrative therapy. It is an ideal starting point for practitioners exploring narrative ideas but is also recommended for experienced narrative practitioners.

Author Bio:

Michael White (1948–2008), one of the founders of narrative therapy and co-director of the Dulwich Centre, an institute for narrative practice and community work in Adelaide, Australia, made significant contributions to psychotherapy and family therapy.