Love is Louder


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Love is Louder, Always (LILA) is a story that is founded on the “Love Is Louder” (JED Foundation) movement that is sweeping across North America. It is a full colour story about Lila, a girl whose family moves across the country. In her new school, Lila is surprised to find that many of the students seem so much more disrespectful and unfriendly to others. After talking with her parents, Lila was encouraged to “be the change” at her school. Lila wants to show others that doing and saying caring things can change the school and make it better for everyone. After finding a few other students to help her, word spreads and a growing number of kids decide they want to help start “The LILA Club” in their school. Members encourage others to show kindness and caring whenever they can. This helps change their school into a more kind and caring place.

This book includes reproducible activity pages. It encourages children to work with their peers to be helpful and not hurtful to one another.


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Author: Randy L Cazell