Living at the Speed of Light Navigating Life with Bipolar Disorder, from Depression to Mania and Everything in between


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Shining a light on mania, depression and everything in between, this no-nonsense guide to life with bipolar disorder gives advice on how to manage the condition and work towards stability. Drawing on her own experiences, Katie Conibear discusses the realities of life with bipolar and shares practical tips and advice. She explains different symptoms, including mania, hypomania, psychosis and depression, and gives advice on managing relationships, facing stigma and discrimination and learning to be comfortable with stability. The book also contains a chapter on how friends, family and caregivers can support someone with bipolar practically. Whether you suspect you have bipolar disorder, have been recently diagnosed or have been living with the condition for many years, this honest but hopeful guide is a must read.

Author Bio:

Katie Conibear was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2012 and has been blogging about her experiences ever since: Her blog has an international readership and she was shortlisted in the Digital Champion category at the Mind Media Awards in 2018. Katie is a freelance writer, focusing on mental health, and is based in Reading, UK.


“Katie’s story captures the challenges of trying to access the right service at the right time and the stark realities of living with bipolar. This book is a great read for someone recently diagnosed with bipolar as the narrative is so relatable and accessible due to its honesty. It will also be of particular interest to family members or friends trying to better understand and empathise with someone they care about; or anyone who would like more knowledge of bipolar, its impact and how you can start to build a life that is not defined by the diagnosis” – From the Foreword by Calum Harris, Lorraine Gillies and Aditya Sharma, National Specialist Adolescent Mood Disorders Service, CNTW NHS Foundation Trust