Indigo Dreaming: Positive Affirmation Cards


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This beautifully illustrated set of 52 cards by author Amy Hamilton will teach children to focus on positive ideas, values and feelings to develop a high sense of self-worth, and build confidence. Using these cards is a wonderful way to empower children with positive thoughts to create wonderful life experiences.

All of the Indigo Dreaming Positive Affirmation Cards have a positive statement that promotes positive thinking about themselves and others. The set also contains three magical golden cards with special messages that will delight children of all ages.

Each positive affirmation card relates directly to meditations in the book Indigo Dreaming – A book of mediations for Children. The cards can be used in conjunction with the book or as a wonderful resource on their own. The card set includes an instruction booklet outlining different activities and ideas for using the cards.

Chapters in the instructional booklet include…

About Affirmations

  • How to write affirmations
  • Using the Indigo Dreaming cards
  • How to choose a card
  • How to use the cards
  • Magical Golden Cards
  • Activities and creative projects for kids
  • Activities and creative projects for children
  • Activities and creative projects for parents


  • I am Calm

I think calm thoughts and feel the tension leave my body

  • I Can Make a Difference

The little things I do every day make a big difference

  • I am Quiet

I enjoy spending time alone with my quite thoughts

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