Help! My Feelings Are Too Big!: Making Sense of Yourself and the World After a Difficult Start in Life – for Children with Attachment Issues


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Emotions can be complicated at the best of times. If something goes wrong right at the beginning of someone’s life things can often feel painful and confusing.

This book will help explain that there are always good reasons why a person feels the way they do. It will help you learn about emotions like anxiety, how you can live with these emotions, and how safe adults can help you build a calm, strong place inside yourself!

Designed to help build emotional awareness, this book offers friendly support for children aged 9+ who have attachment disorders, anxiety or are overcoming early trauma and is an invaluable tool for anyone supporting children with extreme emotions or attachment issues, including parents and carers, support workers, teachers, and therapists.


  • Foreword by Louise Michelle Bomber.
  • Introduction.
  • PART ONE 1. How It Started – A Story of Two Babies
  • 2. Two Toddlers.
  • 3. Young Children At Home.
  • 4. At School.
  • 5. Feelings…Oh No!
  • 6. Looking for Evidence
  • 7. Footprints in Our Brain.
  • PART TWO. 8. Getting Help .
  • 9. Finding Your Team.

Author Bio:

K. L. Aspden has worked as a therapist with both children and adults since 1998. She has particular interest in the areas of trauma and anxiety, and she has experience working in both mainstream and special schools. K. L. Aspden currently works in a school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulty. She lives in Eastbourne, UK.


“This is a very important and much-needed book that is sure to help many children (as well as grown-ups) understand themselves and others better. It makes complex matters wonderfully simple, and readers will gain insights and resources to last them a lifetime.” – Kathrin Stauffer PhD, Body Psychotherapist and Author of Anatomy and Physiology for Psychotherapists.

“Straightforward, well explained and friendly, this book will be a huge help to children in understanding and sharing their feelings.” – Alan Durant is a prolific writer of children’s books including Always and Forever, and Billy Monster’s Daymare.