Follow Your Heart


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Over 2 MILLION copies sold!

 “Wherever you are, you aren’t STUCK. You are a human being, not a tree.”

 This book is about:

  • doing what you love
  • dealing with bills and broken legs
  • discovering your own power
  • finding peace of mind
  • dealing with disasters
  • not blaming your mother.

It’s about:

  • how HAPPY people think
  • why RICH people make money, even by accident
  • what LOSERS do and how not to be like them!

Your mission in life is not to be WITHOUT PROBLEMS. Your mission is to GET EXCITED!


  • Features 70 of Andrew Matthews’ cartoons.
  • Why Do I Need Disasters?
  • The Law of the Seed
  • Beliefs
  • Attachment
  • Why Think Positive?
  • Doing What You Love
  • Make a Start!
  • Luck
  • Why Are We Here?
  • When You Change…

Follow Your Heart! was first released in 1997, in Singapore. It became the biggest selling book in Singapore in 1997 and 1998. Like Andrew’s first book, Being Happy!, it is a bestseller in Australia, UK. the USA, Germany, China, India, Mexico, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand. It was the first book by a foreign author to hit #1 in Korea.

Help with Depression

Follow Your Heart is used by psychologists and counsellors worldwide. It is frequently prescribed for people who are grieving or suffering from depression.

Says Andrew, “Readers seem to appreciate the simplicity – and they like the cartoons.”

Used by Sporting Champions, Recommended by Educators and Health Professionals

Andrew Matthews first gained international recognition when world #1 golfer Nick Faldo told the world’s press that BEING HAPPY! had helped him win the British Open. More sporting champions began to read and recommend Andrew’s books.

 BEING HAPPY!, FOLLOW YOUR HEART and BEING A HAPPY TEEN are used and recommended by psychiatrists and psychologists to their patients the world over.

Matthews’ books are used as textbooks in schools and universities in the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, in the Philippines and even in Iran.