Family-Centered Treatment With Struggling Young Adults


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Family-Centered Treatment With Struggling Young Adults is an indispensible guidebook to the unique set of problems and opportunities that families face when young adults are experiencing difficulty pulling anchor and setting sail. Renowned clinician Brad Sachs, PhD, provides both a conceptual framework for understanding the reasons behind the increasing number of young adults who are unable to achieve psychological and financial self-reliance and a treatment framework that will enable practitioners to help these young adults and their families to get unstuck and experience age/stage-appropriate growth and development. In Family-Centered Treatment With Struggling Young Adults, clinicians will gain an in-depth understanding of the complex psychological challenges that parents and young adults face as the latter forges a path towards success and self-reliance. Moreoever, they’ll come away from the book having learned an innovative approach to sponsoring family engagement ant the launching stage—one that reduces tension, resolves conflicts, and promotes evolution and differentiation on both generations’ parts.


  • Fluid Family Therapy.
  • The Six Categories of Struggling Young Adults.
  • Family Loss at the Launching Stage.
  • Beginning Treatment at the Launching Stage.
  • Family Assessment at the Launching Stage.
  • Family Dynamics at the Launching Stage.
  • LGBTQ Issues.
  • Getting Unstuck at the Launching Stage.
  • Consulting With Parents at the Launching Stage.
  • Consulting With Young Adults.
  • Digital Media.
  • Marital Issues at the Launching Stage.
  • Money Matters at the Launching Stage.
  • Counter-transference.

Author Bio:

Brad Sachs, PhD, is a psychologist, educator, consultant, lecturer and the best-selling author of numerous books, including Emptying the Nest: Launching Your Young Adult Toward Success and Self-Reliance


“This is a beautiful, thoughtful book focused on supporting families and young people through the task of ‘launching children’ during the transition to adulthood. Filled with philosophical and poetic quotes and stories, it offers practitioners a framework for self-reflection and reflecting with families and supports the holding of a non-blaming, compassionate stance.” – Jade Smith, CAMHS, UK