Early Childhood Curriculum: Planning, Assessment, and Implementation


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The second edition of Early Childhood Curriculum provides a comprehensive and lively introduction to curriculum theories, approaches and issues in early childhood settings. Drawing on contemporary research and case studies, the book employs a cultural-historical framework to illustrate a variety of approaches to early childhood education. In this new edition there is an up-to-date coverage of national curriculum documents, including the Early Years Framework and Te Whariki, a glossary of key terms and learning intentions at the beginning of each chapter. In each chapter, hypothetical transcripts and real-world examples help bring theory to life. The book explores specific domain areas, including science and mathematics; literacy and language; information and communication technology; the arts; and health and well-being. Early Childhood Curriculum equips pre-service teachers with the practical skills and tools to promote young children’s learning. It is an essential resource for pre-service teachers and practitioners alike.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Theory, research and the Early Childhood Curriculum
  • 3. Development and learning – how views of development shape how curriculum is framed
  • 4. Curriculum as a cultural broker
  • 5. Interpreting Early Childhood Curriculum
  • 6. Cultural-historical curriculum in action
  • 7. Curriculum as a conceptual tool – observation, content and programming
  • 8. Assessing children and evaluating curriculum – shifting lenses
  • 9. Content knowledge – the sciences, maths and numeracy
  • 10. Content knowledge – language, literacy and ICT
  • 11. Content knowledge – the arts and health, wellbeing and physical activity
  • 12. Conclusions.

 Author Bio:

Claire McLachlan, Massey University, Palmerston North

Marilyn Fleer, Monash University, Victoria

Susan Edwards, Australian Catholic University, North Sydney