Digital Delivery of Mental Health Therapies A Guide to the Benefits, Challenges and Making it Work


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This guide shares best practice for delivering mental health support and treatment digitally. Part One considers aspects relevant to all digital mental health interventions, such as therapeutic alliance, risk, safeguarding, working with complexity, and what people are looking for from digital support. Part Two focuses on specific therapies and models, including CBT, ACT, DBT, CFT, CAT and EMDR, and how they can be adapted for digital delivery. Whatever technology is available to you, this book will support you in taking your practice onto whichever digital platforms both you, and your clients feel comfortable with. With top tips from a wide range of practitioners, this book opens a conversation about the benefits, challenges and best practice for delivering mental health therapies using digital platforms.


  • Foreword
  • 1. Introduction part one: cross-therapy factors
  • 2. The online therapeutic alliance: the need for digital competence and online relational skill
  • 3. Being human amongst the 0’s and 1’s: self-care and supervision
  • 4. Digital safeguarding & risk: come on in, you’re welcome & safe
  • 5. To know or not to know – managing anonymity on digital platforms
  • 6. What do people look for from digital support?
  • 7. Using digital mediums to provide trauma-informed support to people with complex presentations
  • 8. Mental health apps: roles, risks & opportunities
  • Part two: specific therapies and adaptations
  • 9. Digital acceptance and commitment therapy
  • delivery of cognitive analytic therapy
  • 11.delivering digital cognitive behavioural therapy
  • 12.computerised cognitive behaviour therapy and clinical practice
  • 13.delivering compassion focused therapy via digital platforms
  • 14.scientific artistry in the world of digitally-delivered counselling
  • 15.using technology to improve the reach and efficiency of dialectical behaviour therapy
  • eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing
  • 17.delivering mindfulness groups by video conferencing
  • 18.delivering family therapy and systemic interventions using digital platforms
  • 19.using virtual reality to treat anxiety
  • 20.’Top Tips’ for Delivering Mental Health Therapies Using Digital Platforms
  • Tables and Figures

Author Bio:

Dr Hannah Wilson is Clinical Psychology Lead and Head of Clinical Governance for Kooth PLC, which uses technology to help create new ways for people to access mental health support and treatment. She is also the Director of MediaCity Psychology, and a trustee of the British Eating Disorders Society. She is based in Lancashire, UK.