Cyril Squirrel Finds Out About Love. Helping Children to Understand Caring Relationships After Trauma


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Cyril Squirrel asks lots of questions, but there’s one thing that really puzzles Cyril…

 “What is love? Can I find it? Keep it? Do I need it?”

 With a notebook and a map, Cyril embarks on a quest to find out about love.

 “Gone away to find out what love is. Back soon.”

 Helping children to learn about the ways that love can look, sound or feel, this heart-warming picture book shows some of the many different forms love, friendship and kindness take.

Suitable for all children aged 2-6, especially those who may have confused ideas about love, Cyrils adventure includes guidance for adults on how the book can be read with children.

Author Bio:

Jane Evans is a Trauma Parenting Specialist and Freelance Trainer. This book has grown from her experiences working directly with children, young people and parents over many years as a respite foster carer, a domestic violence parenting worker, a registered child minder and a family support worker. She wrote the book in response to feedback from parents, carers and workers who wanted a sensitive story to support young children who have grown up around family violence.