Counseling Toward Solutions


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A Practical, Solution-Focused Program for Working with Students, Teachers, and Parents

This book provides a solution-focused approach to working alongside students, parents, and teachers that decreases misbehaviors, encourages mental health and growth mindset in students, and provides social emotional learning opportunities.

Grounded in the notion that focusing on problems often leads to frustration when tried and true remedies fail, the book provides an efficient and simple three-step approach to having solution-focused conversations with students, parents, and in response to intervention (RTI) and team meetings. This systemic approach enlists the client rather than the counselor to conjure a preferred plan for success, consequently reducing future counseling visits and promoting independent success in students. Each chapter includes a specific topic that was developed from the issues and situations faced by school counselors today, including consideration for working with all students, including LGBTQ students, and those with traumatic experiences or substance abuse.

Complete with specific dialogues for students of all ages, and case studies, this text provides school counselors with a road map to looking beyond problems and seeking solutions with students, creating grit and resilience.


  • Foreword by Bill O’Hanlon
  • Part 1- Basics Behind the Approach
  • 1 Learning to Think with A Solution Focus
  • 2 Creating Possibilities Through Language
  • 3 Solution Focused Conversations
  • 4 Reviving Piaget: Helping Teachers to Become Solution- Focused
  • 5 Setting the Stage for Miracles
  • Part 2- Applications of The Approach
  • 6 Supporting All Students Through Challenges
  • 7 Grit, Growth Mindset and College Readiness
  • 8 Working with Teams and Families
  • 9 Rethinking How We Prevent School Violence
  • 10 Guiding Students Through Dangerous Habits and Crises

Author Bio:

Linda Metcalf, MEd, PhD, is the director of Graduate Counseling Programs at Texas Wesleyan University. She is the author of 11 books and an international presenter on using the solution-focused approach in schools. She is a former middle school teacher and school counselor.


“An indisputable classic in the field- newly updated and more relevant than ever! This book should be read by everyone who works in schools.” – Anne Hearon Rambo, professor/director of M.S. Graduate Certificate and Undergraduate Programs, co-author of Doing Well while Doing Good.

“As Dr. Metcalf says in her introductory note, using the solution focused approach with students and young people isn’t just the application of certain tools such as the Miracle Question but about ‘honoring the goodness in people’ and this attitude informs everything she writes. On practically every page we are treated to fascinating examples of work in schools that clearly demonstrate how we can maintain our hope and respect for our students regardless of the extent of their problems. Dr. Metcalf also puts considerable emphasis on systemic thinking (‘always, always, always involve the system!), a valuable reminder as to the importance of connecting with teachers and parents. This excellent book will be of great value to everyone working in the field of education.”- Harvey Ratner, BRIEF, London, co-author of Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques and Solution Focused Practice in Schools: 80 Ideas and Strategies.