Collaborative Family Work


With a worldwide reputation for his work on pro-social modelling and working with families, Chris Trotter presents a step-by-step family problem-solving model for human service workers that is also readily understood by the clients.

Life can be a struggle for some families and support from skilled human service workers can make a real difference.

Collaborative Family Work offers practical strategies for working with families, always emphasising the importance of collaboration in assisting them in developing strategies to learn new skills and improve their lives. Chris Trotter explains how to identify strengths, assist families in setting goals, articulate strategies for change and develop methods of ongoing evaluation.

He offers a systematic overview of family work models and theories, from long-term therapeutic and narrative approaches to short-term solution-focused and mediation models. His evidence-based model for family work draws on extensive field research and observation with experienced professionals.

Collaborative Family Work is a valuable reference for professionals seeking to enhance their professional skills, and an essential text for students in the human services.

Author Bio:

Chris Trotter is Professor in Social Work at Monash University. He has an international reputation for his research on family work, offender supervision and pro-social modelling. He is author of Working with Involuntary Clients and Helping Abused Children and their Families, and his books have been translated into German, Japanese and Chinese.


‘Chris Trotter addresses the ”how” of practice in a field that is often stronger on general principles than it is on practical detail.’ – Dr Chris Beckett, University of East Anglia, UK