Child Protection – A guide for teachers and child care professionals


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A guide to understanding, identifying and handling cases of child abuse for anyone who works professionally with children.

Teachers and early childhood workers are the only professionals in contact with abused children for long periods of time. Although they are seldom aware of their importance, they can provide the child’s best defence against abuse.

Abused children exhibit identifiable behaviours and perform less well in school than their peers. Educators and caregivers can learn to observe children’s development and respond to their special needs.

Schools have always taken responsibility for teaching children to stay safe from traffic, fire, water and electricity. They are also in the best position for teaching children to stay safe with people.

Child Protection is a comprehensive guide to the common forms of child abuse and neglect. It offers practical help for the identification of child abuse and neglect and the support of the child victims and, in particular, the provision of curriculum for child protection.


  • Preface
  • 1 Child protection is everybody’s business
  • 2 Emotional abuse
  • 3 Emotional abuse in care and education settings
  • 4 Institutional and system abuse
  • 5 Child neglect is neglected
  • 6 Physical abuse of children
  • 7 Children living with domestic violence
  • 8 Child sexual abuse
  • 9 Children’s revelations of sexual abuse
  • 10 Protecting children with disabilities
  • 11 Understanding our feelings about child maltreatment
  • 12 Child protection in the secondary school
  • 13 Need for personal safety education programs
  • 14 Developing a child abuse prevention policy
  • References
  • Index

Author Bio

Freda Briggs is Associate Professor in the De Lissa Institute of Early Childhood Studies at the University of South Australia, Magill.

Russell Hawkins is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of South Australia and has a private practice in psychology.


“A valuable resource book for teachers, child care workers and school administrators on preventing, identifying and handling cases of child abuse and neglect. [It includes] a unique international perspective on child protection.” – Associate Professor Sandy K Wurtele, University of Colorado

“Many books stop at the what should be done, but this book goes beyond that to tell us the how. It is sound, practical and most welcomed.” – Wilma Bartlett, The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, UK