Cat Wisdom


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‘Cat Wisdom’ is a collection of photographs and kitten-inspired words of wisdom designed to celebrate the love that cats bring to our lives!

Featuring 45 cards and guidebook, this fun and inspiring card set will encourage you to reflect on your life from a new perspective, reminding you to make time for relaxation and fun, to express yourself freely and to pursue your dreams. These irresistibly cute kittens will fill you with joy!

Examples from the guidebook:

  • Stay Focused
    • Be clear about your purpose. What are you setting out to achieve? You will succeed only if you remain 100% focused on the goal
  • Tolerance
    • While it is important to speak your truth and express your own opinions, it is also necessary to allow others the same freedom. Be tolerant of other people’s views and be prepared to reach a compromise.
  • Embracing Differences
    • At times you may feel as though everyone around you is different to you. Learn to see differences in a more positive light. Diversity keeps life interesting – embrace it.