Caleb’s Healing Story: An interactive story with activities to help children to overcome challenges arising from trauma, attachment issues, adoption or fostering


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Caleb invites you on a journey to learn about attachment and trauma in this interactive story and workbook intended for children and the adults who support them.

Caleb shares his own story about healing from his difficult early experiences, and encourages readers to join him in sharing their stories and completing the healing activities included in the book. Caleb’s Healing Story identifies the common challenges that children who have experienced attachment or trauma issues will encounter and offers easy to use interventions in the form of activities and worksheets.

Fully illustrated, it is suitable for children aged 5-14, as well as their family, friends and those working with children who present with these issues. It is the ideal companion to A Safe Place for Caleb, by the same author, which outlines theories, definitions and strategies for addressing attachment and trauma-related disorders.


  • 1. Fear/Safety.
  • 2. Trusting.
  • 3. Anger Management.
  • 4. Troubles with Friends.
  • 5. Trouble Following Rules.
  • 6. Troubles with Feelings.
  • 7. Sensory Issues.
  • 8. Telling the Truth.
  • 9. Stealing.
  • 10. Food Issues.
  • 11. Grief and Sadness.
  • 12. Triggers.
  • 13. Sleep Issues/Nightmares.

Author Bio:

Kathleen A. Chara Ph.D. has a doctorate in family psychology, teaches full-time for Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA, and maintains a private psychological practice. She has experience working with children and families in therapeutic and forensic settings. She has been a licensed professional since 1991.

Tasha A. Lehner M.A. has a master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services. She has experience working with children, teens, adults, and families with trauma related issues. She specializes in Experiential Play Therapy for younger children with severe trauma experiences.