Be Good to Yourself


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A gift box contacting 56 cards to nurture your heart, mind and soul.

Nurture your heart with these self-affirming, daily reminders that are designed to deliver gentle guidance and support. Use these cards to echo the wise voice within and connect with the trust, insight and beauty that is always available to you. Keep them with you as a faithful companion, and watch how

these messages of loving kindness bring you home to your true self.


  • Surround yourself with things you enjoy looking at, listening to, or sharing your space with – things that give you energy, and things that bring you peace
  • You owe it to yourself to know real fun, pure joy and childlike wonder – to experience contentment with your todays – and confidence in all your tomorrows.
  • Celebrate yourself for all the good things you’ve done, all the kind things you’ve said, and all the beautiful things you are.

110 X 110

Printed on eco-friendly paper with foil details in a beautifully designed box.