Art Therapy Directives


An Intervention Toolbox is an all-inclusive manual of art therapy directives designed to be a comprehensive and organized resource for art therapists and other trained mental health professionals.

Art therapy directives are directions for creating art and often require use of specific art media, both of which are tailored to the client’s particular need. Using this book, art therapists will be able to search by population, themes, and art media to find just the right project for their session whether working with individuals or in groups.

Comprised of a compilation from traditional art therapy directives, the author’s own experiences, and other published practices, a wide range of mental health topics are included such as depression, self-esteem, life transitions, and trauma. Special consideration is given to populations like adolescents, older adults, veterans, and the LGBTQ+ community.

This manual is the answer that many in the field of art therapy have been missing for an all-encompassing, organized reference book to guide art therapy sessions with a wide variety of client populations.


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2.Adolescents and Young Adults

3.Anger Management


5.Autism Spectrum


7. Depression

8. Eating Disorders

9. Eco-Art

10. Emotion Recognition

11. Family

12. Grief

13.Group Rapport


15. Life Transitions

16. Medical

17. Mindfulness

18. Multiculturalism

19.Older Adults and Dementia

20. Personality Disorders

21. Pregnancy, Fertility, and Women’s Issues

22.Psychotic Disorders

23. Self Esteem

24. Spirituality

25. Substance Abuse

26. Supervision

27. Termination

28. Trauma

29. Veterans and First Responders

30. Warm Ups and Creative Exploration

31.Virtual Art Therapy 32.Conclusion

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