Aboriginal Story: Warnayarra the Rainbow Snake


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This story is based on a story told by the Senior Boys Class at Lajamanu School, a bi-lingual school where Aboriginal children are taught to read and write their own language, Warlpiri. The illustrations are adapted from original paintings done by the children for their story.

Lajamanu is an Aboriginal community on the edge of the Tanami Desert in the Northern Territory. It was settled when the Warlpiri people were forced off their tribal land and away from their Dreaming places. To country they didn’t know and a lifestyle that was no longer nomadic and free. Nevertheless, their culture kept the Warlpiri strong and they adapted to their new conditions

The traditions of song, dance and storytelling continue. Old stories are passed on and new stores evolve, providing and understanding of reality and strengthening and enriching a culture whose wisdom has, for thousands of years, sustained and continues to sustain Aboriginal people. This story told by the children of Lajamanu shows how: