In the brown house, Claire and Wes were home. But home turned to nowhere and nowhere turned to anywhere. Then somewhere finally came, and finally, always.

This lyrical story is timely and thoughtful, depicting the life of two children thrust into homelessness and uncertain housing situations as they move out of their house, to a motel, to a shelter, and finally another more permanent home. Throughout, the duo is challenged by uncomfortable new places and inquiries from strangers, but ultimately, never lose their optimism or determination. They have each other, no matter at home, nowhere, anywhere, or somewhere—always.

Includes a poignant Reader’s Note on how homelessness affects children and what we can do to help.

Author Bio:

Tonya Lippert, PhD, LCSW, runs mental health therapy groups at Kaiser Permanente and is the coauthor of a book on ADHD as well as the author of the children’s book Goodbye, School. She herself keeps saying “Hello, School,” as she previously worked as a visiting psychology professor at Reed College and is currently working on her JD at Case Western Reserve University.

Illustrator Bio:

Andrea Stegmaier is an illustrator and architect with a passion for children’s books. She draws digital and traditional, straight lines and wonky lines, serious and funny things, animals and people, houses and plants, and simply everything.


Shines a light on the hidden problem of unhoused children… The text and illustrations (with the children remaining in color while everything around them is black and gray) brilliantly represent their fear and disorientation. At book’s end, the family moves into a new house with the knowledge that it’s love and family that makes a home…A compassion-and-action-awakening book. – Booklist STARRED REVIEW

  • Hard cover (Picture book)
  • Full Colour
  • Age range 4+
  • 32 Page

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