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Circle of Security – Free parenting course via Zoom

July 30 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

Circle of Security for Parents – a safe place to explore your parenting

  • A 7 week group. Approximately 2 hours each week held online via Zoom on each Tuesday 30th July to 10th September 2024.
  • We know that behind every one of our behaviours, there is a need. Sometimes parents find it hard to identify the needs of their children and view their child’s behaviour as ‘attention seeking’ and bad behaviour. This view can often escalate our child’s frustration; their need to connect with us and get support is misunderstood leaving the child feeling sad, angry and misunderstood.
  • The group focuses on your child’s attachment needs and helps you to identify that your child has a need. A child’s need sometimes cannot be satisfied; however, you will learn how to recognise that there is a need and support a child in their sadness overwhelm, and frustration, helping them co-regulate and calm when they cannot get their need met.
  • COS is a relational approach, not a behaviour management approach. Behaviours will naturally change with this approach as relationships and safe attachment strengthen.
  • You will learn to identify the cues your children give when they are feeling insecure or overwhelmed and need a parent/carer to step in and offer support.
  • You will learn to identify the cues your children give when they are feeling secure, safe and happy and want you to share and delight in them.
  • You will also have the opportunity to consider your own attachment style, developed during childhood and the impact that this may be having on your current parenting.
  • The group will be facilitated by a Registered Circle of Security Trainer

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