The Wolf and The Shadow Monster. Helping Children Deal with Fear and Anxiety


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Wolfgang is excited to be allowed to have his friends over to stay for the whole night. They all have great fun until the lights go out and Wolfgang’s secret fear of the dark is revealed. His friends laugh at him until they hear his story and see the Shadow Monster for themselves! Spider shows Wolfgang a special magic spell to make scary things go away. The magic spell is so good that all of his friends want to try it on the things that scare them too.

Life can sometimes be scary but there are some great tricks out there to make scary things not so scary anymore. You can even have a little fun with it!

Illustrated by Tatiana Minina

Author Bio:

Avril McDonald has a Diploma of Education from Wellington College of Education, New Zealand, where she trained as a primary school teacher majoring in music and dance. She has had a varied career in digital entertainment. She launched Feel Brave to help teachers and parents find solutions to help children learn to deal with their emotions and to reach their potential.

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