The Protecting Kids Board Game


This versatile game can be used as an assessment tool to evaluate children’s ability to conceptualise the principles of Protective Behaviours and /or to ascertain the child’s existing protective behaviours skills and knowledge.


  • 30 Protective Behaviours question cards
  • 30 Protective Behaviours scenario cards
  • 30 Feeling question cards
  • 30 Feelings scenario cards
  • Game board
  • Die
  • Markers
  • Instructions

Example of Protective Behaviours

  • Which “No’ would you use if someone asked you to steal a chocolate bar?
  • Is it OK to say “NO” to and adult?
  • If someone was at the swimming pool and their Mum or Dad was late picking them up, what could they do?
  • How long do you keep a secret that makes you feel funny in the tummy and gives you your early warning signs?
  • Do you have to kiss all your relatives?

Example of feeling questions:

  • What might make someone feel surprised (negative)?
  • What might make someone feel worried?
  • What might make someone feel shame?
  • If someone wet their pants, how do you think they might feel?
  • If someone started swimming lessons, how do you think they might feel?