That’s So Gay!: Challenging Homophobic Bullying


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Are you eager to challenge homophobic name-calling in your school but unconfident about how to go about it? Would you recognise homophobic bullying, and what can your school do about it?

That’s So Gay! is an accessible, practical guide to making your school a safer place and creating an inclusive bully-free culture. It shows you what homophobic bullying looks like, who experiences it, and explores the reasons young people bully others homophobically. It also reveals why young people are often reluctant to report homophobic bullying, the increasing role played by the internet, and the profound effects bullying can have well into adulthood. Adopting a whole-school approach, this book provides practical guidance on prevention, working with those who bully, and handling disclosures, as well as advice on anti-bullying policies.

Written by an expert in the field, this is a vital guide for schools, teachers and anyone with a duty of care towards young people.


  • Acknowledgements.
  • Preface.
  • Introduction.
  • 1. What is homophobic bullying?
  • 2. Who experiences homophobic bullying?
  • 3. Who perpetrates homophobic bullying?
  • 4. Why do young people bully homophobically?
  • 5. What is the impact on those being bullied?
  • 6. How to respond practical advice.
  • 7. Working with those who bully.
  • 8. Sensitive handling of disclosures.
  • 9. Prevention.
  • 10. Anti-bullying policies and creating inclusive environments.
  • 11. Frequently Asked Questions.
  • 12. Last Words.
  • Appendix 1. Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988.
  • Appendix 2. Signposting.
  • References. Index.

Author Bio

Jonathan Charlesw orth is the Executive Director of the charity Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH), UK. He has over thirty years’ teaching and training experience and regularly delivers training and consultancy on homophobic bullying, harassment and crime to schools, colleges, universities, the police service, and other statutory and voluntary sector agencies internationally. He is included within the Expert Adviser’s database of the National Crime Agency and is a frequent presenter at conferences.