My Happy Sad Mummy Second Edition


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My Happy Sad Mummy is an engaging and sensitive picture book. It fills a major gap: explaining to a young child the impact on a parent of a major mental illness such as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder affects between 1- 2% of the population and can affect young parents in particular as it usually begins in late adolescence.

Michelle Vasiliu draws from her own experience of bipolar disorder, cleverly and humorously portraying the emotional rollercoaster of this illness, as a young child might perceive it. Using easily understandable images and words, we see ‘mummy’ through the eyes of the child, and we see how through all these difficulties, the bond of love between mother and child remains true.

  • A fantastic book and invaluable resource for parents, teachers and mental health workers.
  • Won the Australian Association of Family Therapy annual book award in 2016.
  • Bipolar disorder affects 1-2% of the population, and young parents in particular.
  • Portrays the emotional rollercoaster of this illness as a young child might perceive it.
  • This second edition contains four pages of teachers/parents notes.

Author Bio:

Michelle Vasiliu A published children’s author since 2006 and having sold over 30,000 copies of her books worldwide, Michelle Vasiliu’s first picture book is also the first in a series of books aimed at teaching children about mental illness.

  • Hard cover (Picture book)
  • Age range 5+
  • Full Colour
  • 44 Page