Multicultural Play Therapy


Making the Most of Cultural Opportunities with Children

Multicultural Play Therapy fills a wide gap in the play therapy literature. Each chapter helps expand play therapists’ cultural awareness, humility, and competence so they can work more effectively with children of diverse cultures, races, and belief systems.

The unique perspectives presented here provide play therapists and advanced students with concrete information on how to broach issues of culture in play therapy sessions, parent consultations, and in the play therapy field at large. The book includes chapters on multiple populations and addresses the myriad cultural background issues that emerge in play therapy, and the contributors include authors from multiple races, ethnicities, cultural worldviews, and orientations.


Part I: The Multicultural Orientation in Play Therapy

1. Cultural Humility and the Play Therapist – Dee C. Ray, Yumiko Ogawa, Yi-Ju Cheng

2. Cultural Opportunities and Comfort in Play Therapy – Yumiko Ogawa, Yi-Ju Cheng, Dee C. Ray

3. Integrating Social Justice Advocacy in Play Therapy – Peggy Ceballos, Tamara Iliff

Part II: Cultural Opportunities in Play Therapy Across Populations

4. Cultural Opportunities with LGBTQIA Populations – Kimberly Jayne, Cody T. L. Wehmeier

5. Cultural Opportunities with Religious Populations – Hayley L. Stulmaker, Katherine E. Purswell

6. Cultural Opportunities with Children with Disabilities – Karrie L. Swan, April A. Schottelkorb

7. Cultural Opportunities with Indigenous Populations – Geri Glover

8. Cultural Opportunities with African American Populations -LaKaavia Taylor, Krystal Turner

9.Cultural Opportunities with Latinx Populations -Mónica Rodríguez Delgado, Elizabeth Aguilar

10. Cultural Opportunities with Asian Populations -Yi-Ju Cheng, Regine Chung, Yumiko Ogawa

11. Cultural Opportunities with Middle Eastern Populations -Ahou Vaziri Line

12. Becoming a Culturally-Inclusive White Play Therapist – Kristie Opiola, Alyssa Swan

13. Play Therapy with Children in Poverty -Sarah Tucker

Part III: Special Topics in Multicultural Play Therapy

14. Culturally Inclusive Play Therapy Supervision – Natalya A. Lindo

15. The Multicultural Playroom – Dee C. Ray, Regine K. Chung, Krystal K. Turner, Elizabeth V. Aguilar

16.Research Across Diverse Races/Ethnicities in Play Therapy – Yung-Wei Dennis Lin, Terence Yee

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