How to Reach Defiant, Resistant, Disrespectful Kids Through Native American Teaching (K-6)


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The discouragement of the oppositional defiant youth is born out of years of experiencing disrespect and failure making poor choices and disregarding the rights and feelings of others. This book can be used to help these defiant young people to become more emotionally connected with school through the Native American lesson that all things are connected. We should strive to keep in a harmonious coexistence with everything in our natural environment. The interrelatedness of this philosophy can be used to help students reconnect to society to school and to themselves. It can help you to better reach those kids who may have previously seemed ‘unreachable’ and help them to become more highly motivated learners in school.

This book is full of Native American quotes hands-on activities checklists and reproducible worksheets that students will enjoy while they learn the valuable lessons. The lessons can be used with individual’s small groups and/or classrooms.


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Author: Darline Hunter, Ed.D., LPC