Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem: A Photocopiable Activities Book 2


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This second edition of the highly successful Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem is packed with fun and effective activities to help children develop and maintain healthy self-esteem.

New and updated material has been added including a section on running parent groups alongside children’s groups, as well as a brand new layout, fresh illustrations, an expanded theoretical section and extra activities.

Based on the author’s extensive clinical experience, this activities book will equip and support teaching staff, therapists and carers in encouraging feelings of competence and self-worth in children and their families. It is primarily designed for use with individuals and groups of children aged 7-11, but the ideas can easily be adapted for both older and younger children and children with learning difficulties.

This fully photocopiable resource is invaluable for anyone looking for creative, practical ways of nurturing self-esteem in children.


  • Acknowledgements.
  • Introduction.
  • Part One: Theoretical Background.
  • 1. Imagery, Imagework and the Process of Change.
  • 2. Understanding Self-Esteem.
  • 3. Working within the School Curriculum.
  • 4. The Child with Speech and Language Difficulties.
  • 5. Guidelines for Facilitators.
  • Part Two: Instructions for Self-Esteem Activities.
  • I. Getting Started (STARS and EMERALDS).
  • II. Who Am I? (RUBIES).
  • III. Friends and Feelings (SILVER).
  • IV. Feeling OK About Being Me (GOLD).
  • V. Taking Care of Myself (PEARLS).
  • VI. More Than Just Talking (SAPPHIRES).
  • VII. Solving Problems (RAINBOWS).
  • VIII. Setting Goals (MOONBEAMS).
  • Part Three: Activity Worksheets.
  • I. STARS and EMERALDS (Getting Started).
  • II. RUBIES (Who Am I?).
  • III. SILVER (Friends and Feelings).
  • IV. GOLD (Feeling OK About Being Me).
  • V. PEARLS (Taking Care of Myself).
  • VI. SAPPHIRES (More Than Just Talking).
  • VII. RAINBOWS (Solving Problems).
  • VIII. MOONBEAMS (Setting Goals).
  • Part Four: Working with Parents.
  • Introduction.
  • Session 1. Getting Started.
  • Session 2. Foundation Element: Self-Knowledge.
  • Session 3. Foundation Elements: Self and Others and Self-Awareness.
  • Session 4. Foundation Element: Self-Acceptance.
  • Session 5. Foundation Element: Self-Reliance.
  • Session 6. Foundation Elements: Self-Expression and Self-Confidence.
  • Session 7. Make-believe, Playing Games and Telling Stories.
  • Session 8. Course Review and Goals for the Future.
  • Appendix A: The Iceberg of Low Self-Esteem.
  • Appendix B: Relaxation Script.
  • Appendix C: Instructions for Calm Breathing.
  • Appendix D: Children’s Books.
  • Subject Index. Author index. Activities index.

Author Bio:

Deborah M. Plummer is a registered speech and language therapist and imagework practitioner with over 20 years’ experience of facilitating groups and working individually with both children and adults. Formerly a clinical lead therapist working within the NHS, she now lectures at De Montfort University, Leicester and runs workshops and short courses on the uses of imagery and issues of self-esteem.

Deborah is currently undertaking a survey to evaluate how practitioners and parents are using the material in her books. Details can be found on her website If you are already familiar with any of Deborah’s books please do take the time to have a look at this survey. All responses will remain anonymous and the results will be used to inform further work in this area. Thank you for your help.