Guidance Activities at Your Fingertips


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This unique book includes 63 dynamic, fun activities to help children learn and practice good character, study skills, career exploration and relationship skills. In one book a counsellor or guidance teacher has a lesson for each grade level on each of nine important developmental topics and a classroom curriculum for the year. Another unique feature is that each lesson is accompanied with hand signs to teach the children. These signs are adapted from universal sign language and are easy to learn. They can cement the concept provide follow-through after the lesson has been taught and make the lesson unforgettable!

Lessons include:

  • One Potato Two Potato – (Accepting differences in friends)
  • Me You and An Interview – (Self-respect and respect for others)
  • Pom Poms Rule! – (Awareness of bullying behaviour)
  • Will Power is Real Power – (Self-discipline in athletics and in school)
  • Just Say GRRR – (Anger control for Pre-K)
  • Get That Ear In Gear – (Listening game for Kindergarteners)
  • We’re Stylin’- (Awareness of learning styles)
  • Flies In a Pie – (Decision-making skills)
  • Water or Ice Cube? – (Awareness of changing feelings)
  • Pickin’ and Grinnin’ – (Introduction to career clusters)


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Author: Betts H. Gatewood, Ed.S., LPC, NBPTS