Gender Awareness




Workshop Duration:

1 Day (Wednesday 15 February 2023)

Workshop Time:

9:30 – 16:30



Including morning tea, all associated handouts and a certificate of attendance.


Workshop Venue:

Lighthouse Resources Upstairs Training Room

Kyabra Street RUNCORN, QLD. 4113

Target Group:

Anyone working with the LGBTQIA+ community: Teachers, Parents, professionals working with children and teenagers, Early Years workers.

Anyone seeking future information around gender identity and how to support people who identify as gender diverse. 

Workshop Outline:

Gender Awareness training will explore Gender Identity and how to support and work alongside people who identify as Gender diverse. It will explore harmful stereotypes, labelling and rigid gender constructs and how we can work to challenge them. The training is not only beneficial to those working alongside the LGBTQIA+ community but for all people to reflect on our own gender biases and how this impacts the children we raise and support and individuals around us. This training will cover different ages of development and is beneficial to teaching in early years through to supporting adults.

In this training we will explore

  • What is Gender and Gender Identity
  • Statistics around Gender Identity
  • Gender Identity and Wellbeing
  • Language and Jokes
  • Harmful Stereotypes
  • Media representation of Gender Diversity
  • Harmful Narratives
  • Support – What can you do?
  • Personal Biases and Heteronormative Privilege
  • What Makes you, you?


I now have a much better understanding of the LGBTQ+ 

Really enjoyed the content and group discussions

The videos shared really complimented the learnings and the personl stories shared by the facilitators definitely enhanced my learning

I can’t think of anything to add to this workshop it was awesome!

Once I get back to work I will share the infomation with my colleagues and be more aware of how I speak and interact wtih others

Facilitator Bio:

Erika Hows is employed by Kyabra Community Association, as a Resource Worker. Erika has worked in the community sector for over 15 years and her previous work roles include Residential Youth Coordinator and Manager, Intensive Family Support Worker and Foster and Kinship Care Case Manager. Erika has completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling and Behavioural Science), A Diploma of Community Service, Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment and Certificate 4 in Criminology. Erika is passionate about early intervention for young people and promoting diversity outside the social constructs of gender.

THIS WEBINAR IS FULLY BOOKED  Please email your details if you would like to be added to the waiting list (link for email)